FRIEDT was born in northern part of Karelia, Russia. His musical path started from Drum’n’Bass project with DJ Daim, where he played guitar. He played as DJ in famous – “Medgorave” – an underground festival in Karelia that takes place in a big cave. He plays such styles as chillout, techno, dub to name a few.
He is also founder of PTZ HARD DANCEFLOOR group. This group was behind the organization of the best parties and festivals, such as EKLEKTIKA, SolarCity, «The Town Day far from the Town» MICSHUYA, RADUGAR and more. PTZ Hard Dancefloor group involved art communites  and promo groups from the whole north-western Russia.
Now he plays in clubs and festivals in Russia and prepares a new live project with a lot of ethnic instruments.

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